Our Core Services

Our specialty is in Surveying & Mapping services. The following is a brief overview of our core activities.


Topographic Surveys: A survey used to identify and locate natural and man-made features above ground, such as roads, pits, ditches, utilities, buildings, landmarks, and land elevation among other things.


Underground Surveys: Using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar technology and interpreting software, this type of survey locates and identifies underground utilities and objects of various sizes and depths.


Bathymetric Surveys: Such surveys are carried out to identify and map the topography of the sea bed in addition to gauging and recording the water level and the location of fixed objects.

Quantity Surveys:
A survey used to for the purpose of measuring volumetric quantities such as excavation pits, backfill material, and stockpiles, etc. This is done through the combination of field surveys and specialty software.


GPS Surveys: This type of survey is used to establish coordinate control points and assist in conducting the surveys listed above. Additionally, this survey is used to obtain necessary data for Geographic Information Systems.



Route Surveys: A location survey for an alignment or linear type features such as, roads, pipelines, railroads, utility lines, etc. This typically includes surveying all major features within the survey corridor along with identifying spot elevations.


Construction Surveys: Involves staking out factories, buildings, utilities, etc. relying on survey techniques such as horizontal and vertical grading, slope staking, and final as built surveys.

Boundary Surveys: Used to identify and mark the land or property's true corners and boundary limits. Elements along the boundary lines such as fences are typically identified and located.


Site Development Surveys: Hybrid surveys that combine Boundary and Topographic surveys for the purpose of preparing a site location for design improvements. This includes the design for projects of all sizes, whether a new city development, refineries, plants, universities, streets, or any other site location.


Manpower and Equipment Supply: We are ready to provision professional survey crews fully equipped with best in class survey equipment along with 4x4 vehicles capable of handing the most challenging terrains.


Digital Mapping: This is where our field work meets our professional in-house drafting capabilities. All of our surveys are ultimately transferred onto detailed digital maps accurately reflecting and depicting our survey work.


Services Through Affiliates

The following is a list of our JV and Sister Companies along with a brief description of their offered services. Please follow the respective links for more information and contact details for each company.

Joint Venture



Desert Green by Saudi Comet & Halo Co. Ltd.: A landscaping and irrigation company with over 3 decades of experience. Ready to handle projects of all sizes whether green field or maintenance.
For more information and contact details, please visit: www.saudicometandhalo.com.



Sister Companies


ARCON (Arnaout Contracting Est.): A construction and contracting company experienced in building and maintaining industrial and commercial projects of all sizes in addition to high end luxury residence.
For more information and contact details, please visit: www.arconksa.com.

ACS Logo

Arabian Control Systems: An Information Technology company providing a variety of consulting and development services ready to support all of your IT requirements.
For more information and contact details, please visit: www.cometglobal.com.

Halo Co. Ltd. For Trading & Contracting: A company specialized in providing niche Electrical and Mechanical services in addition to Networking Solutions.
For more information, please contact: hgs@cometglobal.com.

Quality Commitment

We realize and whole heartedly believe that our clients' main concern is receiving a premium service and best in class quality. Accordingly, we have spared no effort in rising to the highest quality threshold. This is the core of our reputation and hence this is what we strive to uphold to the highest level.
As a result of our decades of business with Saudi Aramco's Survey Services Division we have naturally adopted their quality standards as our own. We currently employ a large number of Saudi Aramco certified crews with a high level of proficiency and expertise. At Saudi Comet we recruit the best professionals from around the world. We Currently employ around 100 professionals in various positions, such as: Survey Party Chiefs, Instrumentmen, GIS Technicians and Specialists, CAD Operators and Specialists, Hydrographers, Cartographers, Phorogrammetrists and others.
Additionally, our equipment is always sourced from the world's most reputable survey instruments manufacturers and routinely checked and maintained to achieve impeccable results. The same applies to our motor vehicle fleet, which is always kept current and in excellent condition.