To Saudi Comet Co. Ltd.  Surveying & Mapping Experts


Saudi Comet Co. Ltd’s journey has been an exciting one to say the least. Founded over 37 years ago in Khobar, Saudi Arabia with the aim to be an active player in the development of the Kingdom though the provision of Surveying & Mapping Services. Four decades later and through our sheer dedication, commitment and aspiration we have managed to set foot in every corner across the vast land of Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries. In retrospect we are proud of this journey and more so proud of the performance of every one of our devoted and loyal employees. We are also whole heartedly thankful to our clients who continue to invest their trust in our work.


"Quality, Commitment, and Integrity have been and continue to be the pivotal values that we stand for and relentlessly uphold to the highest standards. This is what distinguished us back in 1975 and this is what we passionately invest in today." 
                                                                                                                       Ghaith Al-Arnaout
                                                                                                                         General Manager

  • Sponsorship Program
    Saudi Comet has partnered with the Human Resource Development Fund and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute to train a group of aspiring young Saudis, through a 2 year Surveying Diploma.
  • New Corporate Identity
    We are pleased to launch our new corporate identity, which is illustrated in our logo and official communications.